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A Dream 20 Years in the Making

Welcome to Wild Heart Wellness!!! I'm so glad you're here. No, really- I'm so happy to be able to share the tools, the recipes, the products, the meditations, the books and all the things with YOU! Because, really, this is what this is all about. I want to share all the things with you so that you can feel amazing and do all the amazing things you've been dreaming about. But first, I think an introduction is in order.

Health (capital H) and Wellness (capital W) have been a part of my life for the past 21 years. I started off as a neuromuscular massage therapist way back when I was bright eyed and bushy tailed and I had all these big dreams and big ideas about how I was going to change lives and create a community based on sustainability and acceptance and abundance and natural solutions to what ails us. I was 19. I had zero life experience. I had zero work experience except for being an assistant manager at Radio Shack (back when people needed stores like Radio Shack. Do those even exist anymore?) I had zero ideas about what it took to create an empire like the one I was imagining and to be honest, after I started making a little money as a massage therapist, the idea of leaving that security and risk everything to chase a dream was too daunting for me.

Still, I loved working with the human body. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know. I am still, to this day, continually fascinated by the human body and it's amazing capability to adapt, heal and carry us through life pretty much no matter what we do to it. My fascination with the human body led me to yoga. I studied Ashtanga yoga because the structure and discipline appealed to my intellectual side and the movement (vinyasa) appealed to my physical side. What I didn't expect was that it would shape my connection with my spiritual side and who I would grow to be in life.

Being a yoga teacher seemed like a natural next step in my fascination with the human experience. Even though I was head over heels in love with my yoga training, it would be years before I would teach. My training deepened my knowledge of not just the human anatomy, but the whole human experience. I'd found my connection with the universal energy, or God, or Divine Spirit, or Goddess, or Betsy....whatever you want to call it is completely cool with me. I just knew that I'd spent my life, up until then, not quite sure what I believed in and now I felt connected in a way I never had before. Like I'd been let in to an ancient community of story tellers and wisdom keepers. To this day, my yoga practice is essential to my well-being. Just ask any of my kids what I'm like if I don't get time on my mat for more than a day or two....I dare you.

A girl's gotta eat though, so I spent time working in spas- but the light and fluffy stuff didn't quite fulfill me. Sure, it was beautiful and quiet and serene and I got employee discounts on products, but it didn't fulfill me. I worked for a several chiropractors- working with patients before and after adjustments to help the body relax and ensure that tight muscles didn't pull everything right back out of alignment as soon as the patient walked out the door. And still, there was something too clinical about the chiropractic scene that didn't quite fit what I was looking for. I even did corporate and some sports gigs but all of it turned out to be great experience and more clarity of what I didn't want to do for the long haul.

It wasn't until I had an opportunity to go into business with another woman that I found my groove as a massage therapist. I finally had a little place of my own. More importantly I had the amazing opportunity to build a community. My clients weren't just patients- they became projects (I mean that in the most loving way). People came to me regularly and as I got to know them I got to have a deeper understanding of why that left shoulder always had tension in it. Or why that headache was so intense. And my fascination with the human body grew. I read, took continuing education classes in as many areas as I possibly could and studied everything I possibly could because I wanted to help the people that trusted their bodies to my hands each week. I wanted to help them feel better- not just in an hour long massage, but every single day! BOOM! Those starry-eyed dreams I'd had at 19 seemed a little less dreamy and a little more real. I knew I could help people feel better in every aspect of their lives. So much so that a few of them didn't really need me anymore. Terrible business plan, right? Except I was so happy for them. That was the goal all along. And now, they weren't my clients or my projects, they were part of a community and people whose wellness I deeply cared about.

Then, well, life happened. A marriage. A daughter. Then a second daughter. And then a third daughter. And being an entrepreneur and raising kids was hard. I started to forget what it was I wanted other than a shower, coffee and five minutes of quiet time. I knew that as an entrepreneur I would have to make sacrifices to grow my business and I knew the kind of dedication I would need and at that particular point in my life- raising my girls and giving them my time and my focus was my priority. Something with regular hours, weekends and holidays off, summers to be a mom....and just like that a dedicated school teacher was born!

I have now been an educator for 17 years. I've taught pretty much everything from pre-k to 8th grade. But my favorite years by far have been the last 8 years. For the last 8 years I have had the privilege to spend my days with the most amazing group of children- children with exceptional needs- and exceptional capacities for love with absolutely no judgement. Unlike most classroom teachers who have a group of 28 or so children for a school year and then send them up to the next teacher, I get to spend up to four years with my kids. In my time in this field I have become a specialist in individualizing education, building community and using every ounce of power I have to be an advocate for my amazing kids and their amazing families. Now, you maybe thinking, what in the world does this have to do with health or wellness? I got you. Keep reading.

I have witnessed so much in working with children with exceptional needs and have seen first hand how the amazing human body can adapt and survive despite some pretty serious curve balls. I've seen kids who have lived despite all odds and not just lived...but joyfully moved through life as if everything is perfect. To them, it is. I've also lost students whose physical bodies were no longer habitable. These experiences gave me a new depth and some new insights into how I thought about "wellness" and health.

Throughout out my time as an educator, health and wellness, yoga and meditation, nutrition, mindfulness and natural solutions to everyday problems have remained at the forefront of how I live my life and how I've raised my daughters. I've taught yoga workshops, breath work (pranayama), sacred mantra (kirtan), become a wellness advocate in partnership with DoTerra, created healthy recipes and plans to get my girlfriends back on track when they've felt like they needed to freshen up their health, I made all my girls baby food when they were little (really I just love working with food) and have been practicing what I teach in my own personal life long enough to have collected a pretty impressive tool kit. Now, 21 years after I started my journey into health and wellness, I've come full circle, back to the place where I want to build community focused on overall wellness, sustainable practices and accessibility. A place where I want to pass along the tools I've collected to live a healthy, mindful life. And so with much love......Wild Heart Wellness is born.

How may I help you?

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